Download folder file from Command Line Tutorial:

  • host
    Ftp Server url or IP address. e.g. --host or --host

  • username
    Your user name. e.g. --username david

  • password
    Login password. e.g. --password d1daksfjvid

  • remote
    Remote path. e.g. --remote "/home/david/public_html/" or public_html

  • local
    Local folder to upload. e.g. --local "D:\my document\"

  • recurse
    Set --recurse true to scan all sub-folders. Default is --recurse false to download files under root folder only.

  • include
    Wildcard files include filter, separated by |, e.g. download .jpg and .gif pictures only: --include "*.jpg|*.gif"

  • exclude
    Wildcard files exclude filter. If you don’t want to download .zip files, just set --exclude "*.zip"

  • lsize (since version 9.06.25)
    transfer files that size less than 1MB(1024KB):

      --lsize 1024
  • gsize (since version 9.06.25)
    transfer the files large than 100KB:

      --gsize 100
  • lmodified (since version 9.06.25)
    transfer the files modified within 30 minutes:

      --lmodified 30
  • gmodified (since version 9.06.25)
    transfer the files modified more than 1 day (1440 minutes) ago:

      --gmodified 1440
  • maxfiles (since version 9.06.25)
    Specifies the maximum number of files to find.

      --maxfiles 10
  • maxfolders (since version 9.06.25)
    Specifies the maximum number of folders to find.

      --maxfolders 10
  • encoding (since version 9.06.25)
    choose the encoding of ftp server

    1. the ansi code page(default): --encoding 0

    2. UTF-8 translation(auto detected): --encoding 65001

    3. Russian: --encoding 1251

    4. Japanese: --encoding 932

    5. Simplified Chinese: --encoding 936

    More details about Code Page, please visit:

  • image (since version 9.06.25)
    Image(Binary) transfer type(default):

      --image true
    ASCII(Text) transfer type:
    --image false
  • passive
    Use Passive FTP (default): --passive true
    Use Active FTP: --passive false

  • overwrite
    replaces destination regardless of its size(default):

      --overwrite true  
    replaces destination when size different:
    --overwrite false
  • help
    Output help message. e.g. FtpDownload --help

  • version (since version 9.04.19)
    Output version message. e.g. FtpDownload —version`

  • man (since version 9.04.19)
    open web browser on manual page e.g. FtpDownload --man

  • home (since version 9.06.06)
    open web browser on manual page e.g. FtpDownload --home

  • just Print (since version 9.04.19)
    Print all matched files and all parameters, but not actually download them. e.g. --justPrint true, default is false.

  • exit (since version 9.04.19)
    To exit program, type “exit” at the prompt: FtpUpload --exit

  • log (since version 9.04.27)
    Open Ftp Download log file: FtpDownload --log

Downlaod folder file from Command line example:

Please Note: Parameters that include spaces must be enclosed in quotes

  1. Download all files:

    FtpDownload --host --username david --password mypassword --remote "/home/david/public_html/" --local "D:\my documents\"

  2. Download one file, e.g. love.mp3:

    FtpDownload --include "*love.mp3" --host --username david --password mypassword --remote public_html --local "D:\my documents\my musics\"

  3. Download all .mp3 files:

    FtpDownload --include "*.mp3" --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my documents\my musics\"

  4. Download all files, but private and test folders are excluded, set --recurse true to scan sub-folders:

    FtpDownload --exclude "*/private/*|*/test/*" --recurse true --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  5. Download the files size large than 500KB:

    FtpDownload --gsize 500 --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  6. Download the files size less than 10MB (10240KB):

    FtpDownload --lsize 10240 --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  7. Just Print all mached files and all parameters, but not actually download them, useful feature to learning this software (default is false):

    FtpDownload --justPrint true --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  8. Replaces local file regardless of its size (default):

    FtpDownload --overwrite true --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  9. Replaces local file when size different, skip when size is the same

    FtpDownload --overwrite false --host --username david --password mypassword --remote "/home/david/backup/" --local "D:\my_documents\"

  10. Download the files modified within 2 hours (120Minutes):

    FtpDownload --lmodified 120 --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  11. Download the files modified more than 10 days (14400 minutes) ago and file size large than 1MB (1024KB):

    FtpDownload --gmodified 14400 --gsize 1024 --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my_documents\"

  12. Use Passive FTP (default):

    FtpDownload --passive true --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my documents\my musics\"

  13. Use Active FTP:

    FtpDownload --passive false --host --username david --password mypassword --local "D:\my documents\my musics\"

  14. Command Line Ftp Download batch file

    first, create a text file contains arguments and save to software install directory, each line is identified by a line feed or carriage return and line feed combination. for example: cmdfile.txt:

    C:\My Documents\My music\
    second, call from any software:
    FtpDownload @cmdfile.txt
    Or run from FtpDownlaod> prompt:
    FtpDownload> "@D:\my path\cmdfile.txt"
    Overwrite Settings (since version 9.05.06):
    FtpDownloadL> @cmdfile.txt --justPrint true --lsize 500

Wildcard filter syntax:

You can include this option several times ( separated by | ) to specify specific patterns which are to be included in the file path. Once you specify one pattern you exclude all files not matching at least one of the patterns. The case be useful for restricting the types of files to be backup.

* Matches 0 or more instances of any character.
For example, setting for *comp*.txt finds .txt files name containing any word starting with the letters comp, such as computer, company, or comptroller.
? Matches exactly one instances of any character.
For example, setting for *t?p* matches any of the files path include tap, tip, and top.
[chars] Matches one instance of any character that appears between the brackets.
[!chars] Matches one instance of any character that does not appear
between the brackets after the exclamation mark.
| Separator

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