Best Command Lint Ftp Downloader to download folder or file from remote server on Windows 10 64bit, vista,xp.

Best Ftp Downloader is Extremely easy to use. till confused by A LOT of options in other products? Luckily, you won’t find them in this best Ftp Downlaoder.

Best Batch Windows FTP Downloader:

  • It’s Freeware
  • Ftp Download with Wildcard Path include filter
  • Ftp Download with Wildcard Path exclude filter
  • File size filter
  • Last-modification time filter
  • Read arguments from text file
  • High performance
  • small executable size

Ftp Downlaoder Options:

  • host
    Ftp Server url or IP address. e.g. --host or --host

  • username
    Your user name. e.g. --username david

  • password
    Login password. e.g. --password d1daksfjvid

  • remote
    Remote path. e.g. --remote "/home/david/backup/"

  • local
    Local folder to download. e.g. --local "D:\my document\"

  • recurse
    Set --recurse true to scan all sub-folders. --recurse false(default) to download files under remote folder only.

  • include
    Wildcard files include filter, separated by |, e.g. download .jpg and .gif pictures only: --include "*.jpg|*.gif"

  • exclude
    Wildcard files exclude filter. If you don’t want to download .zip files, just set --exclude "*.zip"

  • [Read more…](/command-line-ftp-download/howto.html

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How to Command Line Ftp Download    

Free Download ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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