Ftp Command for Dowload Windows 10

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Download Now! Easy-to-use Command Line Ftp Download Program in Win Computer

Best Command Lint Ftp Downloader to download folder or file from remote server on Windows 10 64bit, vista,xp

Best Ftp Downloader is Extremely easy to use. till confused by A LOT of options in other products? Luckily, you won't find them in this best Ftp Downloader

Best Batch Windows FTP Downloader:

  • It's Freeware
  • Ftp Download with Wildcard Path include filter
  • Ftp Download with Wildcard Path exclude filter
  • File size filter
  • Last-modification time filter
  • Read arguments from text file
  • High performance
  • small executable size

Ftp Downloader Options:

  • host
    Ftp Server url or IP address. e.g. --host www.yourdomain.com or --host

  • username
    Your user name. e.g. --username david

  • password
    Login password. e.g. --password d1daksfjvid

  • remote
    Remote path. e.g. --remote "/home/david/backup/"

  • local
    Local folder to download. e.g. --local "D:\my document\"

  • recurse
    Set --recurse true to scan all sub-folders.--recurse false(default) to download files under remote folder only

  • include
    Wildcard files include filter, separated by |, e.g. download .jpg and .gif pictures only: --include "*.jpg|*.gif"

  • exclude
    Wildcard files exclude filter. If you don't want to download .zip files, just set --exclude "*.zip"

  • [Read more...](/command-line-ftp-download/howto.html

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