Commandline Ftp, Best Command Line Ftp Client for Windows to batch ftp upload or ftp download from Windows Command line prompt.

Batch Ftp Software can pull commands from a text file, wildcard expansion allows the lcoal or remote file to be included or excluded in the command.

Command Ftp Programs can be configured to only upload files that have changed in specified minutes, This powerful feature is ideal for updating web sites, performing off-site backups and limiting the amount of time needed to perform otherwise lengthy updates. It can also control the file extension types that are transferred and force ASCII or BIN mode transfers.

Windows 10 64bit Ftp Client also allows you to specify the non-standard ports on the server, use passive mode to transfer files, generate time-stamped log files.

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Batch Ftp Software for Windows 10 64bit, Windowx Vista, Windows XP:

  1. Support batch file
  2. Ftp upload/download Wildcard file include filter
  3. Ftp upload/download Wildcard file exclude filter
  4. File size filter
  5. Last-modification time filter
  6. ability to use either Passive or Active connection
  7. A session log file is available
  8. Call from Windows Command prompt
  9. Call from any software
  10. Small executable size
  11. High performance
  12. FREE lifetime updates / upgrades for registered users

Ftp commands:

  1. passive      use Passive mode or Active mode
  2. get          receive one file
  3. put          send one file
  4. mget         get multiple files with optional filter
  5. mput         send multiple files with optional filter
  6. dele         delete a file at remote
  7. mget         get multiple files with optional filter
  8. mput         send multiple files with optional filter
  9. mdele        dele multiple files with optional filter
  10. literal      send arbitrary ftp command
  11. list         list contents of remote
  12. mkd          create a directory at server
  13. pwd          print working directory on remote machine
  14. rename       renames the remote file src to dst
  15. rmd          remove directory on the remote machine
  16. size         determine the size of a remote file
  17. mdtm         determine the modification date of a remote file
  18. syst         print the remote system type. e.g. UNIX
  19. cwd          change path at remote
  20. cdup         move to parent directory at remote
  21. response     print the last response received
  22. log          open FTP log file
  23. recurse      recursive through subdirectories
  24. compress    compress files to ZIP for uploads
  25. More Commands…

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How to Command Line Ftp    

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Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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