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SDN = Software-Download.Name

Why submit software/program to SDN

  1. SDN is the only download site that promises 100% list your software in our home page

    Visitors then can easily find your software on our website

It's better to submit software to a site that get your product noticed by visitors rather than wasting time on many useless software download sites

  1. Our editor will manually optimize the content of your product pages for you

  2. Your product will get a short URL:

How to submit your product to SDN

Of course, we cannot list all submitted content on the homepage, otherwise the page will explode :) there must be rules, simple rules

  1. No behavior that affects the user experience

    For example, the software sometimes pops up an advertisement, which is not acceptable

  2. The software and website must be clean, virus-free, and malware-free

  3. Put the following at

    <a href="">Video Software Download</a>
  4. Submit one product per domain name

    You may be a great developer and develop a lot of products under the company domain name, but we cannot list all your products on our homepage, but list one of them

    Please send information about one of your products to

We will release your product within 3 working days and notify you of the result