• What is a screensaver, and what is special about yours?

    Computer Screen Saver were originally used to prevent phosphor burn-in on your screen when the image did not change for a long time. This is not such a problem with modern screens, and screensavers are now mainly used for entertainment when you are not otherwise using your computer, and for password protection.

    Many screensavers use animated cartoons, or a limited range of still images, but the problem with these is that within a short time you have basically seen all they can do. Computer Screen Saver avoid this kind of repetition by taking a different approach.

    Using mathematics, fractals, and random drawing effects, the various Computer screensavers create an endless variety of images. It’s like having your own works of computer art, continually evolving before your eyes.

  • Do you have versions available for Mac, Linux, OS/2, Win 3.1 etc?

    No, only Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

  • Are the screensavers available on diskette or CD?

    No, they are only distributed on-line.

  • How do I save an image?

    Press the Print Screen key while the screensaver is running. This will Copy the image into your clipboard, and you can then Paste it into a paint program for saving or printing. The image, or part of it, could then be used as a backround for your screen’s desktop or a web page.

  • How can I purchase a screensaver?

    You can order securely on-line using a credit card, with immediate access to download a licensed copy, by following one of the following links.

  • I prefer not to order on-line. How else can I pay?

    When ordering via the RegNow online store, you can choose to fax your credit card details by selecting the Fax Order Payment Method.

  • How can I pay without using a credit card?

    RegNow can accept checks or money orders. Use the RegNow online store from the Buy Now buttons on, and select the Check/Money Order Payment Method. Once you click “Place Your Order”, payment instructions will be presented to you on your monitor. With this option you will need to send a check or money order to the address listed on the final page. Your registration will not be complete until funds have been received.

  • I've completed the on-line purchase of a screensaver, but I'm still getting Notice messages.

    When ordering a licensed copy on-line, You will receive a confirmation of the payment and a registration pass code via e-mail. Run “Computer Screen Saver” and click “Registration” on the left tree, Fill out the registration pass code, and click “Register Now” button.

    After downloading, double-click on the newly downloaded file to install the screensaver. Don’t forget to make a backup copy to CD of your downloaded licensed file after re-downloading and installing.

  • I need to re-install the screensaver, but I've lost my license code.

    Please Email to , The subject must be just the name of the screensaver, namely Computer Screen Saver.

  • I have a question on the status of my order

    If you ordered on-line, you need to contact customer support for the on-line store you purchased through. The links below lead to the Customer Support web sites, on which you will also find email and phone contact details.

    Be sure to use the on-line store that you originally purchased from, as they are independent.

    If you purchased through RegNow, click

  • How do I uninstall the screensaver from my computer?

    You can click Start, then Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, and the screensaver should be in the list of programs you can uninstall.

    First ensure that it is not running. Right-click on its icon in the system tray, and select Exit.

  • Can I run the screensaver at home as well as at work?

    Yes. The fee licenses you to use the screensaver you purchased on all your home computers, and on one machine at work on which you are the primary user. The full license is provided in the screensaver’s documentation.

Free Download ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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Freeware Includes 4 computer screensavers: Mandelbrot screensaver, Lissajous screensaver, Bubble screensaver, Simple screensaver.

Computer Screen Saver is compiled of the customizable features that can be configured to set the work time, break time, and even set your favorite music to be played. Press F8 to disable a running screensaver….
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