Mavis Up Button Win10, Software to add up button to Windows vista

The Explorer of the newly released version of Windows Vista OS doesn’t have the accustomed button for upward movement. As an alternative, the developers of the software offer the key shortcut that was implemented yet in the previous version. They also offer the user to click the folder in the upper row that is always located in different places of the path bar.

Just like many others, we had a distinct feeling something really necessary was missing. As a result, we developed this simple feature that is now available to you!

You can try Mavis Up Button : Mavis Up Button before buying. Free version may be used freely for a 5-day trial period.

Mavis Up Button System Requirements:

  • Software: Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Hardware: Unlimited

how to buy:

To purchase the Level Up Button, download the 5-day Trial version and register it by selecting the Register option from the Launch menu in the folder.


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After your order processing you will receive an email with the license key which will transform your trial version to the registered version.

Buy Now !!!

Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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