Icon Extract Software Best, Software to extracting housands of icons, button images from your computer programs and files.

Software can extract all the resources already hidden on your computer! And thre also are many useful features for you to reuse/redesign these resources, such as image format conversion and so on. It indeed will save you many hours.

EZ Extract Resource Software Features:

  • Extract icon from exe dll etc.
  • Extract icons, bitmaps, button images and cursors from programs and files
  • View and extract resources from programs, screen savers, libraies, .dll, .ocx etc.
  • Conveniently Manage the extracted resource files just as in the windows explorer.
  • Viewing images, videos, listening to sounds of extracted resource files.
  • Image format conversion in batch es., such as convert bmp to jpg.
  • Copy image to clipboard from resource files.
  • Multi-Language support, you can easily get a version with any language in minutes.
  • Registered users receive free upgrades and support for life.

EZ Extract Resource User Feedback:

I am a software designer/developer and I'm always looking for useful tools to make my life easier. This software certainly takes a lot of stress out of my day! Every time when I must search some Icons, Cursors etc for my program, I always give this boring task to this program. It’s clever and considerate, and I especially like it’s additional features: Manage and View image of the files, which enable me to pick out the right icons and cursors easily for my program. So, keep up the good work.

How to Buy

EZ Extract Resource : EZ Extract Resource is a shareware. The unregistered user can only scan and extract resources from dll files and can only search dll files when searching directories for resource. But the registered user can search, scan and extract from exe, ocx, cpl files etc.

What registering will get you?

  • A registration code emailed to you.
  • Your code will remove the shareware reminder windows.
  • BONUS: For the foreseeable future, all upgrades to this product will be FREE to registered users.

Buy Now !!!

Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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