Windows 10 Insertion Subtitles to Movie

Windows 10 Insert Subpictures to Movie -

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Windows 10 Insert Subtitles to Movie

How to Inserting subtitle to Video on Windows PC

  1. Launch Best Easiest Movie Editor - Subtitle

  2. Inserting .srt or .ass subtitle to Video

    1. Click Add File to load video from PC
    2. Click Subtitle drop-down list, and Load Subtitle (.srt or .ass subs)

    For .srt extended subtitles, you can drag the text on the screen to adjust the position of the subtitle, and you can also click the Font button to change the font settings of the subtitle

    For .ass extended subtitles, you can change the settings directly in the .ass subtitle files

  3. Click Start to start inserting .srt or .ass subtitle to the movie file

  4. Open Output

Change subtitle encoding to UTF-8 to display non-English characters

If you have an ANSI subtitle file, and the subtitle contains non-English characters, such as Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, may need to change the subtitle encoding from ANSI to UTF-8

  1. Open Subtitle in Notepad

    On Windows 10: Press the Windows key, then type Notepad, then press the Enter key to open Notepad

    Open Notepad on Windows PC

    Click on the File menu and then click Open...

    Click "File" menu and "Open" in Notepad on Windows

    Browse to the subtitle that you want to convert to UTF-8 encoding and open it

  2. Open the File menu again and click Save As...

  3. Choose UTF-8 from the drop-down box next to Encoding and click Save

What is the difference between ANSI and UTF-8 encoded subtitle files

ANSI and UTF-8 are two types of text encoding

The ANSI encoding is the default encoding that is used when you save subtitle text files created in Notepad

ANSI encoding is fine if you are writing English language text, but many other languages have special symbols or use different writing systems. To preserve these special characters when you save a subtitle file in Notepad, you need to save the subtitle file in the UTF-8 encoding format

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