Manager Wallpaper, Software to changes your desktop wallpaper automatically!

It is a free wallpaper manager that offers intelligent desktop management, cool wallpaper effects and user profiles with themes. It also allows you to customize your desktop wallpapers per category through a user-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. The wallpapers effects will enhance your desktop by adding life to your desktop wallpapers. This advanced wallpaper manager is a complete solution to change your desktop wallpapers.

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop: Rotate your desktop wallpapers automatically

Changing your desktop wallpapers could be done automatically with our free wallpaper manager. All you have to do is to place your personal images in a list and the wallpaper manager will do the rest by rotating your desktop wallpaper. You can set the time interval between each time your desktop wallpaper is updated. The interval can be any number of minutes: Every 1 minutes, 2, 5, 10, 1 hour, etc. You can also set the sequence in which the images in list are displayed. For example, the images can be displayed randomly in alphabetically ascending/descending. When Windows starts, the wallpaper manager will start automatically (if you want) to change your desktop wallpaper.

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop: Handle wide screen (16:9) and classic screen (4:3)

Free Wallpaper Manager with Intelligent Wallpaper Resize Not all images have the same dimensions and today, not all screens have the same dimensions. More desktops now have wide screens. When setting an image as background, depending of the your image dimension and screen dimension, the image could be deformed. Our free wallpaper manager resizes your desktop wallpapers intelligently, whatever your screen resolution and the dimensions of your desktop wallpapers. Also, our wallpaper manager perfectly fits your desktop wallpaper into your screen in a way which you can see your whole desktop wallpaper without any deformation.

You can choose your desktop wallpapers to be resized in 4 different ways: best fit, centered, tiled or stretched. Most of you would be happy with this intelligent feature that resizes your desktop wallpapers whatever their size and without any deformation.

Note: When you desktop wallpaper is resized, it is possible that you see the desktop background. In that case you can choose the background color you want. In the example above for the right desktop wallpaper, the background color is black.

User Profiles: Change Your Desktop Wallpaper Theme With One Click

Free Wallpaper Manager with User Profiles Menu The user profiles change your desktop wallpapers with specific themes. For example, you may define two profiles: Cars and Nature, or even more if you want.

Based on the example above, in the Car user profile you specify your favorite desktop wallpapers like Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc. In the Nature user profile you specify your favorite desktop wallpapers like waterfalls, mountains, lakes, etc. The desktop wallpapers shown will depend on the user profile you choose. If you choose the car user profile, you will only see the car desktop wallpapers. If you choose the nature user profile, you will only see the nature desktop wallpapers. Depending of your mood, you can choose different user profiles or categories of desktop wallpapers at any moment.

A Distinct Category For Each Desktop Wallpaper

Category Configuration Our free wallpaper manager allows you displaying your desktop wallpapers from different categories instead of just a single list. Each category can be customized independently. The categories break your wallpaper list into many smaller lists, which have common properties allowing you to display your desktop wallpapers in different creative ways.

Examples of custom categories are the Wallpaper Effects, Intelligent Wallpaper Resize and Intelligent Wallpaper Selection. All these settings can be apply differently for each category.

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop: Intelligent Wallpaper Selection

Desktop Wallpaper Manager: Intelligent Wallpaper SelectionNot all desktop wallpapers are made to be shown at anytime of the year. If you are the kind of person who prefers to see Christmas desktop wallpapers in December and not in July, our wallpaper manager is made for you. It is the same for other celebrations like Easter or Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers. You can choose the period of the year a category of desktop wallpapers is displayed on your desktop.

Displaying desktop wallpapers at a precise moment of the year is simple. You first place your desktop wallpapers in a category. Second, you select two dates delimiting the days when the desktop wallpapers will be shown on your desktop.

Change with wallpapers with flexibility

The Schedule and Sequences interface is used to determine when your desktop wallpaper is updated and in which order your desktop wallpapers are rotated.

A smart desktop with flexibility

Our free wallpaper manager is enough smart to fit your needs. You can enable or disable automatic desktop wallpaper updates at any moment. You can also remove your desktop wallpaper if you want just a plain desktop.

Create new wallpapers directly from clipboard

Our free wallpaper manager allows you to add desktop wallpapers to your collection directly from the clipboard. This will save you a lot of time. This is particularly useful if you take screenshots from your favorite games, screenshots or just copy an image on a web page. This feature will avoid you many non-useful file manipulations.

Keep your wallpaper list up to date

You can keep your desktop wallpaper list up to date with this desktop wallpaper tool. If you have moved some files on disk, which were selected in your wallpaper list, the manager will still have references to the old file locations and the files will not be found. Just click the Clean Now button and the manager will verify and remove empty references for you. If empty references are found, the dialog shows a list of the removed references. So your desktop wallpaper list will always be valid with this tool.

Advanced Desktop Wallpaper Effects

Desktop Wallpaper Manager with Wallpaper Effects Add multiple cool wallpaper effects to your desktop wallpaper. This feature makes your desktop wallpapers more alive by adding other kinds of emotion. You can even apply a wallpaper effect on another wallpaper effect. Because the wallpaper effects create more diversity, we can almost say that your desktop wallpapers are duplicated.

For example, you can add a mirror wallpaper effect to inverse the left and the right side. Another example is the saturation to your desktop wallpaper more like white. This allows you to better see your icons on your desktop.

Our free wallpaper manager was conceived to create even more wallpaper effects to your desktop wallpapers. Adding an effect to a wallpaper is good, but mixing many effects on a wallpaper is even better. You have the possibility to combine many effects on one single desktop wallpaper and you can choose the probability that an effect appears. For example, you decide to add a mirror effect, which appears 50 percent of the time and you also add the black and white effect which appears 25 percent of the time. Sometimes you will have 2 effects and sometimes just 1 depending or none depending on the probabilities you set. Imagine the number of ways that your wallpaper will be shown.


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Free Download ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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