Vpn Hacking Software, Software can Automatic logon and automatic dial VPN connection.

For an enterprise user, software provides VPN connections, Terminal Web Services and other functions to satisfy your needs.

DiskLogon Product Features

  1. Automatic logon and automatic dial VPN connection

    Software can support Dial-Up Connection function that allows you to dial a VPN connection to a private network. Once the memory card is inserted in the computer, DiskLogon can automatically dial a VPN connection and automatically log you on your company’s private network.

  2. Completely simulating Smart Card functions

    Software completely simulated all the functions of Smart Card Logon. You can use your memory card, USB Pen Drive or MP3 Player entirely to substitute your Smart Card.

    In comparison with Smart Card Logon, DiskLogon can provide more functions that are easier to use.

  3. Supports Terminal Services and Terminal Web Services

    Software can support Windows /XP/2003 Terminal Services and Terminal Web Services.

    It provides a Disk Redirection function to send your password to a Terminal Server. If you wish to connect to the Office Computer via your Home Computer, you just need to insert your memory card into your home computer. DiskLogon will automatically send your password to the Office Computer.

  4. Completely integrates the Security Policy of Windows System

    It completely integrates the Security Policy and Rights Assignment of Windows System. Thus, no security problem will be encountered just because you installed DiskLogon.

    For the user of Terminal Services, DiskLogon’s additional security protection can protect your Terminal Server against illegal hacking.

  5. Provides DiskLogon RunAs function

    Program provides RunAs function. You may use your DiskLogon program RunAs function to execute an application using different user accounts.

  6. Protects your user password 100%

    The GINA is an important authorization program of Windows System, so its internal memory data cannot be accessed illegally by other applications. DiskLogon GINA is the main program of DiskLogon application. Your password, every confidential file, every encryption algorithm and other DiskLogon functions are only stored within the DiskLogon GINA. Thus, it can surely protect your user password from the any illegal access of different applications.

Program adopts the latest identification and authentication technologies, allowing you to use your memory card, USB Pen Drive or MP3 Player to log on to your computer.

DiskLogon: DiskLogon System Requirements:

  • There are no special hardware limitations for installing Program.
  • It is recommended that your CPU be at least Pentium III 1GHz and above to quickly decrypt the password file.
  • Program can be installed in Windows /XP/2003. If you install in a newer Windows System, there may be unknown security problems.

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