Windows 10 Video Downloader

Batch download videos from YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, BitChute, XVideos and more

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Windows 10 Video Downloader

How to use SDN Video Downloader

Step 1, Download Video Downloader Requirements

If you have downloaded and installed Requirements, please skip this step

Then click the Download Now link above to download the Video Downloader

Step 2, Create a .txt extension text file on your Computer

In this tutorial, I will create a .txt file on the desktop

Press Windows + D key to minimize all windows

Create new Text Document on Windows

Right click on an empty area, move mouse from left to right on New and then click Text Document

Step 3, Collect video links and paste them into the text file, one link per line

Open a Web Browser, navigate to a online video site, such as, and open a watch page

Select text in browser's address and copy the video link

Select all the text in the address bar, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Click the address bar and press Windows + A key to select All text
  2. Click three times on the address bar

After selecting all the text in the address bar, press Ctrl + C keys to copy it (Or right click the selected text and select Copy)

Then double-click the New Text Document to open it, Ctrl + V to paste the video link in it (Or right click on the Document and select Paste)

Paste Video Links in the "New Text Documents"

Press Ctrl + S key to save the document, then close it

This is an example for download

Step 4, Drag and drop the text document to SDN Video Downloader

If you are not familiar with drag and drop operations, it is best to start from the Windows desktop

Put the Text Document and SDN Video Downloader on the Windows desktop

Press Windows + D key to minimize all windows

Double click the downloader to show its window, if the downloader hides parts of the text document, drag the Text Document to adjust its position

Move the mouse over the Document, hold down the left mouse and drag it to the window of the downloader, then release mouse to drop it

Drag and drop the text document that contains video URls to SDN Video Downloader for Windows PC

All downloaded videos will be saved to the folder where the text document is located