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Movie file Bitrate Converter Windows 10 -

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Video Bitrate Converter Windows 10

How to use Video file Bitrate Converter on Windows 10

  1. Add video/audio files to the bit rate Converter

  2. Click Output Format to Set Output profile

    Search Output Format in Bit rate Converter for Video in Win 10

    1. Search Output Format

      if the original video format is mp4 and you want to keep the mp4 format, enter mp4 in the Search Format box

    2. Select a format from the list

      In most cases you can keep the original video format, but in rare cases, you may need to choose another format

  3. Click Output Settings to change the bitrate value of video or audio file

    Click Video Bitrate (or Audio Bitrate) drop-down list and choose Custom

    Select Custom Bitrate in Video or Audio Bitrate drop-down list

    Enter Bitrate value in the box then OK

    Customize the bitrate value based on original bitrate value

    You can also check the original video bitrate in window that customize the bit rate

    Lower bit rate values will reduce the size of the output media file and vice versa

  4. Click Start in the main GUI window of Media file bit rate converter software

  5. Open Output after completing the conversion to view the video or audio file with changed bit rate

Movie file Bit Rate Converter Windows 10