Best Travel Gaming System, A wise Cherokee woman transports you from a roadside flea market to a ghostly trail where you can trade with the spirits and unravel the secrets of the Cherokee Trails.

You'll use herbal remedies and Shaman potions along the way. If you trade wisely, you'll overcome all the obstacles and makes the full journey from Cherokee, North Carolina to Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Cherokee Trails Journey Into History…

Since ancient times, the Native American tribe called the Cherokee had lived in the mountains of what is today the Southeastern United States. The territory of this proud people had, at one time, extended over 40,000 square miles.

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, European settlers began to build colonies along the eastern coasts of North America. For a time, the settlers and the natives were able to coexist more or less peacefully. This became increasingly difficult as the colonists began to push westward. Gradually the Cherokee territory shrunk, and when gold was discovered in the region of what is now Georgia, prospectors overran the former Cherokee lands. Finally, the Georgia legislature began to plan a removal of the remaining Cherokee people.

In 1838, soldiers forced the Cherokee to take an arduous, 900-mile walk to Indian Territory — what is today the state of Oklahoma. The conditions of this journey were hazardous, and many Cherokee did not live to reach their destination. They called the long walk nuh NO hee doo no glo HEE luh, or “Trail where they cried.” It is better known to Americans today as the Trail of Tears.

This unfortunate chapter in history has forever been written, but it must not be forgotten. Although many Cherokee died, the Cherokee people survive. Join Ally in her latest adventure through an important period in American and Native American history, one that celebrates the proud Cherokee and ensures that their memory will continue to live on.

Authentic Cherokee Legends and Folklore Come to Life!

In order to ensure that Cherokee Trails was as authentic as possible, we have been fortunate to have the assistance of Cherokee Storyteller Choogie Kingfisher, and Cherokee linguist George Stopp. The music for Cherokee Trails was written by well-known Cherokee musician Lisa LaRue, who is also the Resource Coordinator for the Arts for Cherokee Nation. With their assistance, we feel that Cherokee Trails offers a fantastic and fun opportunity to explore real Native American culture, traditions and history.

Cherokee Trails immerses you in the wild world of the 19th-century American Southeast with breathtaking 3D graphics and animation. You will hear the Raven, Rabbit and Bear tell their own stories in 3D animated sequences. Meet the Spirits along the Trail and hear their stories. Not all of them can be trusted! See beautiful river views, log cabins, horses and period artifacts with gorgeous 3D rendered artwork. You must deal with the “skeleton people” who run the trading posts, and some vicious animal spirits as well!

Prepare yourself; the journey along the Cherokee Trails awaits!

Cherokee Trails System Requirements:

  • Win95,98,ME,XP,2K,
  • minimum Pentium II or equivalent,
  • minimum 800x600 screen resolution,
  • MP3-capable soundcard.

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