Pdf to Voice, Talking Clipboard is a powerful text-to-voice converting application that is extremely useful for converting all types of text to speech, learning English pronunciation, and vocabulary building.

Talking Clipboard Features

  • Reads any document: DOC, PDF, RTF, HTML, TEXT.
  • Reads eBooks in ePub format, other formats can be converted using any2epub.
  • Edit and Save the files in TEXT, WAV and MP3 (with ID3 tags) format.
  • Highlight text while reading.
  • Reads text from any program via Clipboard, just copy the selected text.
  • Batch text based files conversion to audio files.
  • Change pronunciation of any word, like personal nouns using IPA.
  • Set speech alias for any words like doctor for Dr.
  • Modify input text using regular expression before start reading.
  • Set bookmarks within text articles and move to them using menu entries.
  • Set longer pauses between sentences and paragraphs, if desired.
  • Control reading from menu, system tray and also via media remote control.
  • Adjust voice, speed, pitch, volume, text font, font & background color, etc.
  • Read from cursor or read selected text or read the whole text.
  • Pause, Stop, Jump to next/previous line or paragraph any time while reading.
  • Accelerator keys for all buttons and menus, supports multimedia keys.
  • Configure clipboard reading and MP3 output settings like frequnecy, bit rate.
  • Open files from shell context menu or drag & drop or using the File menu.
  • Supports talking reminder facility, never forgot/miss important things.
  • In-built Wordnet dictionary, and support for online Wiktionary.
  • Filter non-alpha symbols from the text before reading.
  • Minimize to system tray and automatically run on windows startup.
  • Search or Replace any text in the in-built editor.
  • Insert pause of any time limit between text, to give audio more natural effect.
  • Read emotions in the text from emails or IM chat like happy :) or sad :(, etc.
  • Inbuilt spell checker for better readability and pronounciations.
  • Inbuilt RSS reader, to listen to the latest news and your favorite blogs updates.
  • Full screen mode to act as an e-book reader.
  • Print documents and Most recently used file feature.
  • Comes with a CHM decompiler and Unzip utilities to read other formats.
  • Reduces eye strain and help environment by saving papers.
  • Help in memorizing important things and preparation for exams.
  • Supports Windows Vista/XP with .NET 3.5 Framework.

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