Captain Ship Game, A Computer Simulator to explore how a Captain or Harbor Pilot can maneuver the Cunard ocean liners.

You are given a Bridge window that controls the ship. Queen Victoria has a pair of azimuthing or rotating propulsion pods and bow thrusters. you control a unique propulsion and steering system consisting of two pairs of pods that carry the propellers and a bow thruster. Your challenge is to bring the ship to the dock in the harbor of your choice. A tutorial mode can help beginners to understand the control of these famous ships.

Captain Of the Queens —Captain of the Queens is a game that encourages you to compete with others or yourself on how skillfully and how quickly you can bring your ship into the harbor.

After mastering the introductory level of difficulty you can increase the challenge by requesting variable wind speeds up to 100 knots, shipping traffic you must avoid and even random equipment failure.

A special version of Captain Of the Queens — Captain of the Queens called Queens Time Trials is included in the package. It differs from Captain of the Queens in having a count-down timer. You set the amount of time allowed the player, 5, 10 or 15 min, and the game halts after his or her time is up. When it halts it displays an overall score comprising penalties for collision damage and help from the crew and how far the player was from the dock or, if docked, the amount of time it took to dock.

Captain Of the Queens- Captain of the Queens will run best on Windows 2,000, XP or Vista machines. It will run on most advanced Windows 98, SP2, machines with a Pentium 4 or better, so long as you use at least the 32 bit setting for color display. With Windows 98, your ability to zoom in on the harbor image is restricted. For Vista machines, you must have version 3.0V or later to view the help files. One person with a home made machine running a 64 bit Vista Ultimate was not able to run the simulator.

If you have set your display to show larger letters by changing the DPI (dots per inch) setting to other than the “normal size (96DPI), the ship may never be visible. To correct this, right click your desktop and select Properties – Settings – Advanced and you will see a "DPI setting” selection box. Select “Normal 96DPI”.

If the animation is running slowly and in spurts, try unchecking the “allow animation” box in the bridge window.

Want to try out Captain Of the Queens? Download this trial version. It only allows you to have a single ship, and a single harbor, Honolulu. You have full control of the ship and can bring her most of the way into the harbor, but not quite up to the dock. We can’t give it all away! After you download the file, just run it and it will install the full trial version. The trial version includes the full HELP file to allow you to explore features of the other ships and harbors.

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