Delete Duplicates for Windows Mail, powerful tool which can find duplicated messages from Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista).

This program is very easy to use, you just simply click Quick Find button on main window, the find process will start automatically. The duplicated messages will be listed on main window, you can easy to view each duplicated messages and decide how to process it. You can easy to delete duplicated messages or move these duplicated messages to special folder. Duplicated Email Finder allows you backup and restore the duplicated messages before you delete them.

Static Duplicated EMail Finder Key Features

  • Supports Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista)
    You can find duplicated message from Windows Mail or Outlook Express, this program can find duplicated messages from different store by selecting an identity
  • You can select different identity before you start find process (Outlook Express)
    In Windows Mail, you don’t need to select identity, but you also can select identity from Outlook Express to find messages from special message store
  • Delete duplicated messages to Trash
    After the find process has finished, you can delete the duplicated messages to trash
  • Move duplicated messages to special folder or new folder
    You also can move duplicated messages to special folder, you even can create a new folder and move duplicated messages to it
  • Easy to view each duplicated message
    Each duplicated message can be viewed from main-window
  • Backup duplicated messages to an archive
    You can backup duplicated messages from Outlook Express or Windows Mail before you process them, you also can compress or encrypt your archive to make your archive small or safe
  • Easy to restore duplicated messages
    Restore function also built-in. You need enter password if the archive has been encrypted
  • Ribbon layout and very easy to use
    Modern application layout and more easy to use, few clicks you can get all job done. You don’t need to learn how to use it

Static Duplicated EMail Finder System Requirements

  • Windows /XP/Vista compatible operating system or higher
  • 128 MB of system memory
  • 50MB available space of your hard driver
  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

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