PC Games Strategy, A real time strategy game in space.

A thrilling futuristic set, an engaging story, a good sense of humor and pure destruction. Two powerful species will clash in an epic real time strategy. Huge battles (control hundreds of units) and quick fleet assemby!

Galactic Dream - Rage Of War: Join the Starfleet!

In the 24th century, a terrible apocalypse threatens humanity, as a devastating galactic-scale event, the second Big Bang, is set to bring forth a permanent era of darkness. buy space rts The ‘black light’ is coming to consume our world, thus several colony ships were prepared to leave the solar system, in the search for a new home, faraway in space. Project Phoenix was created to give Mankind a second chance; a great journey through the stars meant to challenge fate.

However, fate turned out to be very stubborn, as an enigmatic alien species follows the humans everywhere they would go, into the darkest depths of space.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War is NOT a story about heroes; it is about the less fortunate among us BECOMING heroes. This is not a story about saving the world, but rather saving a part of it to ensure its continuity.

Galactic Dream - Rage Of War: Join the fight now!

“The action can be quick and engaging, with a lot of things going on at once. We suspect that ardent old school RTS players, the ones that typically still play Starcraft, will love Galactic Dream: Rage of War.” (Softpedia)

“One thing is certain: it is not greedy at all and will work on the vast majority of machines.” (Cyberstratege Magazine)

Galactic Dream - Rage Of War: Game Key Features

Galactic Dream: Rage of War allows you to easily create a large army and rush your enemies – a classic real time strategy game with resource collection, base building and pure destruction.

A real time strategy game & space RTS in one combination. Just give it a try, download our space game right now!

  • Control hundreds of units; experience war at a new scale;

  • A thrilling sci-fi scenario in space: over 24 action-packed combat missions provide a challenge for all players;

  • Fast creation of armies and simultaneous building tasks will completely satisfy your hunger for space rushes.

Engage in epic intergalactic warfare, venture deep into space in a race against time, don’t submit and push the limits of the real time strategy genre! Are you up to the challenge?

Galactic Dream: Rage of War, a real time strategy game in space.

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