10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer More Detailed Description – Benefits & Features:

  1. The program allows you to watch which computers are online and quickly get the necessary information from them.

  2. The report creation wizard allows you to create various reports with the necessary data (the report templates are stored for future use).

  3. The program allows saving reports for different computers in separate files, or create one common report file.

  4. 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer collects data with help of WMI technology (learn more about configuring WMI). Though, you do not need to install any additional software on the network computers.

  5. The program collects extensive WMI data (more than 30 groups of hardware and software data items):


  6. processor

  7. mainboard
  8. RAM
  9. hard drives (HDD)
  10. CD/DVD drives
  11. USB flash drives
  12. video adapters
  13. network adapters
  14. sound adapters
  15. slots
  16. printers
  17. BIOS
  18. mouse
  19. keyboard, etc.


  20. operating system

  21. updates and hotfixes
  22. startup data
  23. installed software
  24. license information
  25. user accounts and groups
  26. current user
  27. drivers and services
  28. route table
  29. services and processes running
  30. multimedia codecs, etc.

  31. 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer caches WMI data from remote computers and writes it in its own database, which allows viewing network computers' hardware and software at any time (even if you are not connected to the network) and generating reports fast.

  32. The program controls hardware and software changes and writes them to inventory log for later analysis and viewing.

tracking hardware and software

tracking hardware and software

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Track Hardware and Software on Network Computers with 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer!

The software is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators. It allows you to maintain the inventory database of network computers….
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