Top Network Inventory Software, Track Hardware and Software on Network Computers with 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer!

The software is designed for Microsoft Windows network administrators. It allows you to maintain the inventory database of network computers.

The program easily finds network computers and adds them to the inventory database. You can view the hardware and software configuration of network computers remotely, track and watch the configuration changes, generate various reports.

The following is an overview of just some tasks you can carry out with the 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer program:

  1. Hardware Inventory

    Create the inventory database with the hardware installed on remote computers: CPU, memory size, hard drives, partitions, CD/DVD drives, videocards, USB flash drives, etc. Create reports on the hardware configurations.

  2. Inventory Software

    Create reports on the availability of particular programs and number of copies installed on network computers. Create reports on versions of operating systems, installed updates and bug-fixes, codecs, startup programs, etc.

  3. Plan and Prepare Hardware Upgrades

    Create reports on computers with insufficient RAM size or disk space (e.g., all computers with less than 512 MB of RAM). Similarly, you can create reports on computers with particular CPU models, video cards, or printers.

  4. Track Hardware Changes on Network Computers

    View and analyze configuration changes, save reports. Discover when users connect a new USB flash or HDD drives to their computers, or when they change the hardware inside their computers.

  5. Track Software Changes on Network Computers

    Discover what new software applications are installed by users on network computers. Audit the startup programs on network computers.

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer Network Inventory Explorer contains a powerful report generator which allows you to create the hardware and software reports in various file formats for single computers or for a group of computers (which can be saved separately or in a common file). You can configure the groups of data to be included in the reports (report templates are supported).

The program is installed on administrator’s computer only and uses WMI technology for scanning hardware and software on remote computers. It does not require installing any additional components on network computers.

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