Win 10 How to Video Cutter for Mts file

How Can You Video Clipper for .mts -

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Win 10 How to Video Cutter for Mts file

  1. Click Add File button to load MTS movie for cutting

  2. Drag Slider to find the start/end time

  3. ClickStart Button to start

  4. Open Output to find the MTS clip movie files

How Can You Video Cutter to Edit .mts file. l'audio in MTS media plik can be transformed utilizing Dolby AC-3 codec, or it can be preserved as untransformed linear PCM sound. The MTS film standard apply MPEG-4 / H.264 movie packing and supports 1280:720 px and 1080i ( 1920 pixels × 1080 lines) high definition video resolutions. An MTS film fichier is a movie stored in Advanced Video Coding High Definition specification. What is MTS vidéo format Used for? various Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC and Sanyo HD camcorders apply the MTS vidéo format

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