Mib Windows, MIB Browser loads the SNMP MIB files and parses them very quickly and then build 2 tree views for MIB nodes and MIB files(modules) respectively.

Using the tree views users are easy to browse and edit values of SNMP agent’s variable via SNMP v1, v2c or v3 communication. A built-in trap receiver can collect trap information from SNMP agents.

HiliSoft SNMP MIB Browser Features:

  1. Support SNMP v1, v2c & v3
  2. Support SMI v1 & v2
  3. Support Get/GetNext/Set/GetBulk/Walk/Trap
  4. Built-in trap receiver
  5. Fast parser: load and parse MIB files very quickly
  6. Easy to use: has MIB nodes view and module(file) view
  7. PDU: Multiple variable binding
  8. Tools: ping, traceroute
  9. Performance monitor
  10. SNMP Sweep
  11. MIB Search: name/oid/module
  12. Export information to CSV

HiliSoft SNMP MIB Browser FAQ:

  1. Does HiliSoft SNMP MIB Browser support SNMP v3?
    Yes, it supports SNMPv3, and it supports MD5/SHA authentication and DES/IDEA/AES privacy.

  2. Has HiliSoft SNMP MIB Browser a MIB compiler?
    Yes, if you mean that it load MIB files and build a tree view for MIB nodes. But it never generates intermediate files.

  3. What is MIB node view?
    When user load a MIB file by Hilisoft MIB Browser, it will parse the MIB and form one or more sub-trees according the definition of MIB nodes in the MIB file. And sub-trees from all the loaded MIB file(s) will be combined as a single tree if their relative MIB files are loaded, too.

  4. What is MIB module view?
    Most MIB files contain one MIB module each. MIB module view build tree view according to module and file infomation. Users can get most information of the any module and file loaded.

  5. Can HiliSoft MIB Browser remember the MIB files loaded last launch and reload at next run? Or, can I load MIB files on browser startup?
    Yes. Please check the option in the setting dialog.

  6. When I try to start trap receiver, I got a message “cannot bind to port 162. Address already in use”. How can I get it to work?
    Another application occupied the port already, please stop it. If you want trap receiver to work on another port, please change the trap listening port in the setting dialog.

  7. Sometimes walk command stops before querying all the nodes. Why?
    Possible reasons: 1. time-out too short; 2. the communication traffic is high.

  8. What is PDU?
    SNMP allows manager to query agent with one or more variables at one PDU. If users want to set multi-variables at one time, please select several OIDs into a PDU. And, if to set, provide the syntax types and values, too.

  9. Why module alias needed?
    Some popular MIBs have several versions, that contain the same content but own different names. So the MIBs that depend on it will reference different names. MIB Browser maintains a list of module alias to locate right MIBs.

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