Flip Videomerging Program Windows 10

Combining Flip Videos Into One -

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Flip Videomerging Program Windows 10

Tutorial for using smart Flip vedio joiner program on Win10 laptop

  1. Flip media joiner - Add Files

  2. Canals for connecting Flip vedio fichiers:

    1. Join Video Files Directly Without Re-encoding, means I can splice Flip movie clips refuse re-encoding. If all Flip vidéos have equally attributes, this way will be displayed
    2. Opt one included in Flip video as connected format
    3. Take linked movie format from Output Format box
  3. Go splicing Flip film 3 portions to 1 file: rap Start button

  4. Open Output folder to view connected fichier of Flip films

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Joining H264 files Windows 10

Splice 2 Flip Videos Into 1