Best Language Dictionary Software, This program will help you translate texts from virtually any language.

Just select an unknown word in your text, press Ctrl+Ins+Ins (holding Ctrl double-press Ins) and you will see the translation, press Ins and this word is marked for studying. Set the test-yourself time and the program will from time to time keep asking you to translate new words you want to learn. Are you tired? There is a way out for you: play a new words slideshow and monotonous cramming will become an exiting game.

Pop-Up Dictionary Features:

  1. Support of unlimited number of languages.
  2. Everyday word-stock database update.
  3. A flexible system of learning words supported by your individual settings.
  4. An opportunity to edit existing dictionaries or create your own ones.
  5. A unique system of hyperlinks you can use to make audio/video links to every word.
  6. A balanced combination of the dictionary options and the methods of the built-in training system.
  7. Translation of the words you select in texts and the option to include them in the learn-your-words list.
  8. A combination of several ways to train your memory: motor, auditory and visual.
  9. A convenient control panel to set fonts, colors, window sizes, etc. of your own choice.
  10. 24-hour technical support.

It is very important that you will be able to master your language and keep working at your computer at the same time.

Pop-Up Dictionary Testing Features:

  1. Test original word, translation or both.
  2. Test all the words, selected or a definite quantity of randomly chosen words.
  3. The program can pop-up and ask you definite number of words.
  4. Slide show of words.
  5. Every entry can be marked as learned.
  6. Learned entries can be included or excluded from the test. Unmatched
  7. Learned entries can be browsed separately from all the entries of the dictionary.

Do you want to modify our dictionaries? No problem! You can change, add and create entries for the existing and new words and their meaning; you can also link any word to sound, graphics, video, etc. To be able to do that, please read Help where you can find a lot of other helpful options.

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