How to Merge Real Player Videos Win 10

How to Combine Real Player Videos - How to combine Real Player videos using Easiest Real Player files Editor Joiner

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How to Merge Real Player Videos Win 10

Download Easiest Real Player Movie Editor from the download link above and you can start

Select Joiner in Easiest Real Player Movie Editor

Open Easiest Real Player Movie Editor Joiner for Windows 10

How to Quickly Merge two Real Player videos

  1. Hit Add Files to load Real Player movies

  2. Check option Set to be the output format on an imported Real Player video

  3. Start

  4. Open Output to see the resulting Real Player video

In this example, I added two Real Player files, one is the .rm extension file, the other is .rmvb extension video, and I set the .rmvb file to be the output format

Therefore, the output video format is .rmvb, and the output video resolution, bit rate, frame rate...are set to be the same as the input .rmvb file

Usually, I use this method to quickly merge multiple Real Player files into one large Real Player file

But what if we want to merge two Real Player file into a non-Real-Player file?

How to join Real Player part files to a specified media format

How to merge Real Player parts to video or audio format on Windows 10 PC

  1. Add Real Player Files
  2. Click Output Format box to select an output video or audio format
  3. Set Output Settings (Video Size, Bitrate, Frame Rate...)
  4. Start
  5. Open Output

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How to Join Real Player Videos