Downlode Manegere, Convenient utility that helps you tidy and manage the information of all your softwares.

It helps you tidy and manage the softwares' information, their licenses and related installer files.Your installer(installation packages) will be kept away from virus and spywares. It dose free you out of managing a mass of installer(installation packages) and their related information manually.

SoftTidier Features:

  1. Basic Information Manage
    Software can help you manage detailed information of your softwares. Such as name, vendor, version, price, category or official-website. It’s very useful for you to record your purchased softwares.

  2. License Information Manage
    Besides, SoftTidier can help you remember the license information as well. User-name, registered-email, and any kind of codes or serial-numbers. You'll never lose your valuable licenses.

  3. Install File Manage
    Free you out of managing a large number of downloaded install packages.
    Create relationships between your software information and their install files. Keep them away from viruses.
    Launch the installer instantly by one click.

  4. Classify and Sort Classify and Sort
    With this program, Softwares can be classified by their type, company or category(specified by users). Every subclass can be sorted by many fields in their information, such as name or price. It’s much helpful when you try to find someone in a mass of staffs.

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SOFTTIDIER screenshot guarantees that SOFTTIDIER is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.Ranking: 0