Windows 10 Embed WebM in PowerPoint

PowerPoint does not support playing .webm, please use the Convert it to PowerPoint format first

Download Now! Easy Insert WebM to to PowerPoint Program for Microsoft Win

Windows 10 Embed WebM in PowerPoint

How to use WebM PowerPoint 2016 Converter

Download software from above Download Now link, then start WebM to PowerPoint Conversion

  1. Click Add Files to load WebM Video files for Windows PowerPoint video conversion

  2. Click Output Format and Search Format: powerpoint

    Search Output Format "PowerPoint Video" in WebM PowerPoint Video Converter

  3. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start conversion

  4. Click Open Output button to find the converted video files

How to Play .WebM Video in PowerPoint

Insert .webm Into PowerPoint, How can I insert WebM video in web site ? HTML code: <video width= "1080" height="720" controls><source src="" type="video/webm"></video>. The utmost resolution of WebM movie is 16384x16384 pixels to 65536x65536 pixels. Why apply WebM media format: 1. so high-quality movie; 2. easy to use film playback function, even for older PCs; 3. Supported on prevalent video sites like YouTube. WebM media is defined to be utilized with HTML5 video for the network

Windows 10 Converter Videos to Pptx Format

.webm Format PowerPoint