Win 10 Insert Flip Video Into PowerPoint

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Win 10 Insert Flip Video Into PowerPoint

How do I embed Flip Video Camcorder in PowerPoint 2016 2020 on Windows 10 Win8, 7:

  1. Free Download software from , install it, run it, then:

  2. Start Flip Video Camcorder to PowerPoint Conversion

    1. Click Add Files to load Flip Video Camcorder Video files for Windows PowerPoint video conversion

    2. Click Output Format pull down list to Select output video format Here, we select Applications, PowerPoint Video

    3. Click Output Settings button to set the Output video audio quality, output video size etc

    4. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start conversion

    5. Click Open Output button to find the converted video files

How to put Flip Video Camcorder Video to PowerPoint 2016 , 2015:

  1. Open PowerPoint presentation, and choose the slide where you want your videos to be saved

  2. Click Insert, Movie and Sounds, Movie from File to select the converted file you want to be inserted into PowerPoint from where you saved your video

  3. Navigate to the converted video and double-click. A new dialog box will appear asking if you want to play the video automatically or when clicked. Choose whichever option you prefer. The dialog box will close and you will see the first screen of the video on the slide

PowerPoint 2016 2020 video formats:

The right way to make Flip Video Camcorder video compatible with PowerPoint is to convert them to Windows Media Video (WMV) and then insert embed videos into a PowerPoint presentation. This is just Flip Video Camcorder Video to PowerPoint Converter for Windows can do. With a few mouse clicks, your Flip Video Camcorder videos can be converted to PowerPoint workable WMV format. Besides converting Flip Video Camcorder Video to WMV and other common file formats, Flip Video Camcorder video to PowerPoint also offers you rich video editing function far beyond your imagination

Best Flip Video Camcorder movie to PowerPoint Converter compatible with Win10, Win8, Win 7, Vista, Windows XP

Flip PowerPoint 2020, When we communicate Flip film camcorder to PC, FlipShare app will automatically play. FlipHD media cameras apply H.264 movie transform, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) music conversion, and MP4 suffixed material container standard to digitally record high definition media at 1280 x 720 size. Any Flip film camcorders embody the indispensable media player and 3ivx codec software FlipShare in internal storage. When we first joined Flip film camera to the USB port of laptop, I need to Open the Flip movie camcorder as USB device to install application

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