1. Ultrawave Guitar Racks Connecting a guitar to your computer:

  2. With a phone to mini jack converter.
    Attach a phono to mini jack connector on the end of your guitar’s cable and plug it straight into the back of your computer. Your computer’s sound card will need to have a built in preamp, otherwise you will end up with a noisy, low level signal.

  3. With a guitar pre amplifier:
    Connect a guitar to a small guitar pre amplifier, and then connect this to the line in or microphone socket in your computer.

  4. With a guitar interface:
    Connect your guitar to an external box, which plugs into a USB or Firewire port at the back of your computer.

  5. With a sampling cable :
    Connect a guitar to your computer with a sampling cable, that has an Analogue to digital converter built into it, and connects directly into a USB or Firewire port at the back of your computer.

  6. With a guitar pedal:
    You can also use a guitar pedal to connect a guitar to your computer. A guitar pedal’s output impedance is much lower than that of a guitar, and it will amplify and reduce the impedance so that it better matches the input impedance of the computer’s line in socket, which results in a higher signal level and less noise.

  7. With a guitar amplifier:
    Connect your guitar to a guitar amplifier, and then connect the amplifier’s line out or headphone socket to the line in socket on your computer, using a phono to mini jack converter cable, or you can use a phono to phono cable with a phono to mini jack adapter attached to the end of it. You can buy the cable or adapter at an online guitar shop.

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