1. What is Ultrawave Guitar Racks — Ultrawave Guitar Racks ?
    Guitar Racks is a powerful live guitar effects processor, that does the same job as a collection of guitar pedals. You can play your guitar and add any combination of effects, and hear the result come out on the speakers instantly.

  2. How do i connect a guitar to my computer ?
    The easiest way is to connect your guitar to a guitar amplifier, and then connect the amplifier’s line out or headphone socket to the line in socket on your computer, using a phono to mini jack converter cable, or you can use a phono to phono cable with a phono to mini jack adapter plugged into it. You can buy the cable or adapter at an online guitar shop. If the signal is too low using your computer’s line in socket, then use the microphone socket instead as this should produce a higher signal level.

  3. I get choppy sound, what should I do ?
    Try the following steps one at a time until the problem is gone:

    1. Download and install the Asio4All universal driver if you haven’t already.
    2. Turn off your screensaver. 3d screensavers can sometimes consume a large amount of cpu time even if they are not running.
    3. Turn off all non essential programs and services while using any recording program, especially instant messengers, anti virus, anti spyware, and any network programs, as these may cause audio drop outs, or extra latency.
    4. Reduce the sampling speed, this will reduce the sound quality a little, but reduce choppy sound.
    5. Increase the sampling buffer size to reduce choppy sound, this however will increase latency.
    6. Turn off the spectrum analyser, if you don’t have 2d graphics acceleration.
    7. Turn off the spectrum analyser, when using cpu intensive effects like the Multi band Echo when its set to 60 bands, or the guitar synth.
    8. Note that when CPU usage exceeds 50% choppiness and latency may increase a lot.
    9. If latency increases and becomes too high turn off the sampler by pressing the power button, wait 2 seconds then turn the sampler back on, this will get rid off any latency increase that has occurred over time.
    10. Increasing the program priority setting in the options to Real-time may help, unless your using other audio software at the same time, in which case it may cause more problems.
    11. Try using another sound device if you have more than one. The other one may have faster drivers and cause less choppiness and latency.
  4. The sound from speakers is delayed, how do i get rid of the delay ?
    Try the following steps one at a time until the problem is gone:

    Install the Asio4All universal driver, this will reduce latency a lot.

    Fixing the problem using Direct KS mode:

    1. If the delay has increased over time, or due to other programs using too much cpu time, then just press the Power button, which will turn the sampler off, wait for a second, and then turn it back on.
    2. Press the Options button at the top and reduce the sampling buffer size. This will reduce the delay in the sound, but may however cause choppiness in the sound.
    3. Press the Options button at the top and choose a lower sampling frequency.
  5. I get a lot of latency with my sound card and i need a new one, which one should i get ?
    Any new Creative sound blaster internal card or external box is good.

  6. I get the error “Couldn’t acquire the default recording device” ?
    If your using DirectKs mode then Make sure that no other sound recording programs are running before starting this program. The DirectKs mode needs exclusive access to your line in / microphone socket to reduce latency and noise.

  7. I get the error “Couldn’t acquire the default playback device” ?
    If your using DirectKs mode then make sure that no other audio programs are running before starting this program. Check that your sound driver supports WDM streaming in full duplex mode.

  8. I don’t get any sound and the input and output level meters don’t show any signal ?
    Check the mixer settings by using the mixer in and out buttons in Guitar Racks, these will open the Windows record and playback mixers. You can see what they should be set to by looking at the Mixer Setup page. If your using Direct Ks mode, then make sure the correct input and output devices are set in the options. You may need to select your guitar interface box as the input, and your motherboard’s built in sound, or sound card as the output. If your using Asio4All then you'll need to change your device selection in the Asio4All control panel. Instructions on how to do this are provided in the Asio4All help file. There should be a shortcut to it on your desktop.

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