Guitar Apps for Windows 10 64bit, A Live Guitar Effects Processor, which Adds Effects to your Guitar in Real Time.

Effects List:

  • Chorus Flanger
  • Phaser Multi tap echo Echo
  • Multi band echo
  • Reverb Distortion
  • Multi band distortion
  • Multi band fuzz
  • Wah wah
  • Vibrato
  • Tremolo
  • Ring modulator
  • Noise gate
  • Equaliser
  • Filters
  • Guitar synthesizer
  • Quad
  • 4x Equalisers

Ultrawave Guitar Racks Powerful Features:

  1. Comprehensive collection of rack effects

    Create load and save your own guitar effects stacks, you can arrange the racks in the order you want, and have up to 12 racks per stack. There’s 28 Racks, which include 22 professional guitar effects, 6 tools, and 52 presets to play with. There are also 80 rack presets, which makes finding that perfect sound easier.

  2. More knobs gives you more control
    With over 100 effects knobs, you'll get more control over your sound, allowing you to be more creative and expressive in your music. Use it to practice with at home, or on the road, or even use it on stage!

  3. Create complex echo and reverb effects
    Use the multi tap echo, standard echo, and reverb together to produce much richer and more complex echo, and reverb effects, than you can with single effects. The multi tap echo can be used to create rhythmic echoes, or use it to create the illusion that your playing twice and fast as your really are.

  4. Guitar synthesizer
    If your looking for completely new effects, try the guitar synth rack, which when used in combination with the other effects like chorus, flanger, echo, and reverb can produce some very interesting and refreshingly different sounds. Adjusting the wet / dry mix allows you to make the effected sound more natural or more artificial. There’s also a timbre control and several guitar synth presets to play with.

  5. Multi band echo
    The multi band echo (also called a spectral delay) can produce anything from unusual wah type sounds to sci-fi laser noises, as well as an arpeggio effect, and dynamically filtered echoes. The guitar’s sound is split into anything from 4 to 60 frequency bands, each band is delayed by an increasing or decreasing amount depending on the direction setting. This is very different from the usual echo effects that are around.

  6. Multi band distortion
    The multi band distortion which creates a very rich and wide sound and allows you to control the amount of distortion in the bass, mid, and treble ranges. This is a hi-gain effect so it’s great for rock and metal. There is a multi band echo built into this effect which can be used to further enrich the effected sound.

  7. Tools:

    • Harmonic Analyser
    • Wave player, recorder, and editor
    • Tuner
    • Signal Generator
  8. Recording
    You can play along with effects and a backing track, while recording the final result, then edit the recording with the built in wave editor. If you record a track and then play it back, you can accompany yourself, by playing along with that recording. The player and recorder can by synchronised together.

  9. Easier more accurate tuning
    Use the spectrum analyser in conjunction with the tuner to make tuning easier with the extra visual indication provided by the analyser.

  10. Create your own sound effects
    Try using the signal generator with some of the effects, to produce film style sound effects that can be added to your music and videos.

  11. Rack Presets
    There are also 80 rack presets to play with which makes creating new stack presets a lot easier.

  12. Presets:
    Load and Save our own stack presets. Then assign them to hotkeys. Mid band Madness is our favourite preset, and has it’s own powerful unique sound which is ideal for rock and metal. Synth Maxed Out is another of our favourites, it has a powerful, complex and rich sound, similar to the sound of synths used for dance music. 80s Pop preset can also be used for rock arpeggio intros.

  13. Other instruments:
    Ultrawave Guitar Racks can also be used for vocals, and with other instruments, like the electric violin, or even the flute with the use of a microphone.

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