Auto Shutdown Win 10, fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator.

It helps you to make some “absurdly” long and routine Windows functions quicker and more convenient.

Absurd Terminator Main features:

  • Shutdown/Restart/Log off Windows'95/98/ME/ with help of hot keys or by one click on system tray icon or from command line, (using: terminator.exe /shutdown /restart /logoff – for .bat-files or for schedulers and planers);
  • Terminate any running program, task or process quicker and more comfortable than in the standard <Ctrl-Alt-Del> function of Windows, without confirmation;
  • Terminate programs from command line, syntax: terminator.exe /kill [NameOfProgram], where NameOfProgram can be part of the program executable file string, for example, if you want to terminate Adobe Photoshop: terminator.exe /kill photo (“photo” is the part of “photoshp.exe” – Adobe Photoshop executable file).

Absurd Terminator: Some additional functions:

  • Run default screensaver by hot keys <Ctrl-Alt-F9> or by /screensaver command line string;
  • Open “Add/Remove program” dialog window from system tray icon menu for fast uninstallation of programs;
  • Clear Documents History (menu “Start” –> “Documents”) much faster from system tray or with key /EmptyDocs;
  • Map/disconnect network disk;
  • Eject/Close you CD-ROM with hot keys <Ctrl-Alt-F7> / <Ctrl-Alt-F8>.

How you can shutdown / restart / log off Windows

You have 4 methods! for doing all Absurd Terminator functions (see screenshot):

  1. Clicking on icon in system tray;
    If you prefer to work with mouse, this method is the most suitable for you. Click right mouse button on Terminator icon in the right bottom corner of the screen (in system tray) and select the action from drop-up menu which you want. Just 2 clicks and you go out!

  2. Pressing hot keys (the easiest and fastest method);
    At any time you can just press combination of keys and do this action very quickly.
    Hot keys:
    Ctrl-Alt-F10 – log off Windows
    Ctrl-Alt-F11 – restart Windows
    Ctrl-Alt-F12 – shutdown Windows
    in programs running in DOS-window, these hot keys don’t work.

  3. Using push button in main Absurd Terminator window;
    If you have already opened Terminator’s window (by pressing <Ctrl-Alt-End>) click an appropriate button in right side of the window.

  4. Selecting item from submenu “Action” in main window.

How to terminate program:

If you need to close one or several running programs or “down” programs (in conditions of failure), you may do this with help of standard Windows’s function “Ctrl-Alt-Del”. But with our program you can do this quicker and without waiting for the responds of the program and thus save your time. Press Ctrl-Alt-End then select task or process and kill it by pressing (with confirmation) or by pressing Del for one-moment kill (without confirmation).

Warning! Be careful with “Deleting”! You can “Delete” all your programs and system processes and your Windows may fall down!

To use it free just download free registration key and run in Windows to add registration info in System Registry.

Free Download ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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