1. When I click the button “Convert”, it shows error message “File format error or lack Real Lib!”. How to fix this?

    Please install the Real Player on to your computer. You may download and install it from http://www.real.com

  2. I have installed the Real Player to my computer, and I can play the RM file. Why it still can not convert the RM file?

    Please uninstall and reinstall the software RM-to-MP3-Converter, then try it again.

  3. I have installed the Real Player to my computer, and reinstalled the RM-to-MP3-Converter – RM-to-MP3-Converter, why it still can not convert my RM file?

    Please try to see if your Real Player can play the RM file. Please attention that not all RM files can be converted.

  4. What type of RM files can your converter support?

    RM-to-MP3-Converter can convert RM files of these extensions: .rm, .rmvb, .ra, .ram, *.rv

  5. Why the converted MP3 file can not be played by Windows Media Player?

    Please click the button “Set Parameters…” from the main window, uncheck the item “Support VBR” and try to convert the RM to MP3 file again. Or resample your MP3 file. Or if you want to check “support VBR”, please set the Max Bitrate to a value less than 160Kbps.

  6. Why it only converts half of a RM file?

    Please note that a trial version will only convert 50% of a RM file for trying purpose only. If you want it to convert 100% of your files , please order a full version.

  7. How to convert RM files in batch mode?

    Click the button “Add RM files to List” to add many RM files to the list box, then click the “Convert…” button to convert at once.

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