Adob Photoshop, A fast and easy photo editor based on original researches in the field of digital image processing technologies.

Software allows the user to rotate, resize, crop, correct color and remove red-eye problems in the fastest possible way. RGBmachine is focused on performing the most frequent and common actions. Due to this emphasis on simplicity, it is naturally faster and easier than any other complex and expensive photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. This means that RGBmachine is the best solution for the users who have a mountain of photos to process.

RGBmachine Key Features:

  1. It uses a folder-to-folder batch framework. RGBmachine orders all photos from the input folder as a chain, avoiding the laborious task of editing photos one-by-one. This obviously helps to save time (see next item).

  2. Instead of the usual two-step dialogs of file-open and file-save, RGBmachine features only one Save/Next button. The software automatically saves the current image and passes onto the next one. The next image then instantly appears from the cache.

  3. The conventional method to rotate/crop an image involves moving the crop area over a static image. This widespread but outdated mode is easier for coding and stems back to times when CPUs were relatively weak. However, in RGBmachine the reverse is true as the image can be moved beneath the crop area. This approach is more natural and user-friendly, controlling both the vertical and horizontal axis.

  4. Although “Curves” is one of the best color-editing tools, it is unfortunately not the easiest. To make things simpler, RGBmachine uses a unique color correction engine to reconstruct the most appropriate color curves. The user just gives a basic indication of how the color, brightness or contrast should be changed.

  5. There is no need to control the file history in RGBmachine. Instead, all different actions are controlled independently, which means that anything can be changed or reset at any given moment.

As most digital photography professionals recognize, all images require a certain degree of processing irrespective of the quality involved.

Unfortunately, qualitative image processing can take up a lot of time.

It is often the case that comprehensive image processing leads to a significant amount of work. A number of methods have been devised in an attempt to save time, such as automatic correction or applying individual correction to a series of photos. Image processing without technical knowledge is certain to result in wasted hours and long sleepless nights behind a computer. All of these methods (especially the latter) have obvious drawbacks.

It is a sorry situation that only a small percentage of photos/images have passed through any recognized photo editing at all. And even when editing does take place, many brands of seemingly well-equipped editing software have been poorly designed for the majority of digital photos.

RGBmachine RGBmachine has been developed to address this arduous task of applying frequent actions using the fastest possible method available. Although the architecture of RGBmachine has been geared to high speed processing, a central capability of the software is also best image quality.

The best time to take advantage of these features and download the photo editor is NOW!

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