Lan Screen Viewer, A stealth monitoring tool for employee performance and employee management.

It captures the screen of employee’s computer real time by matrix screen. In addition to this, the employee computer monitoring software remote control the employee’s computer, you can work on a remote computer in real time as if you are using its own keyboard and mouse. And restart or turn off the employee’s PC, terminate the program which is running in the employee’s computer secretly. More surprised, it can monitor up to one hundred employees at the same time through your computer screen.

LAN Employee Monitor Key Features:

  1. Capture the screen of employees’ computer in real time by matrix screen as a surveillance camera.

    View the screens of employee activity in real time;

    View multiple employees’ computer screens at the same time

  2. Save the screenshot of remote computer automatically or manually.

    Save the screenshot automatically at set intervals on employee’s computer;

    Save the specific screenshot manually to discipline or manage the employee;

  3. Remote control and management no physical need in your desk chair.

    Remote file management and transfer like upload, download, rename, delete etc.

    Remote control, remote access, remote administration;

    Terminate the program which is running on the employee’s computer;

    Send message or command to employee’s computer remotely;

    Forbid using USB storage device;

Choosing LAN Employee Monitor Benefits:

  1. Improve the employee productivity.

    Under the monitoring of the employee monitor software, some internet recreation is forbidden and employee can only use his computer do something about his works, so the effective work time is longed and the productivity is improved.

  2. Protect company confidential business information and promote trade competitive.

    LAN Employee Monitor is a power solution for your company confidential business information. All messages sent will be recorded in your control computer, and any branch of confidence will be monitor by this employee surveillance. That protect against internal and external threats to the security or integrity of such records, and unauthorized access or use of the records or information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to the client.

  3. Facilitate your work in or out of your office.

    Remote control and remote administration functions of LAN Employee Monitor let you share employee information resource, control employee computer, transfer related files and communicate momentary with messages etc. All of these will facilitate your work in significant measure especially when you are out of your office.

  4. Reduce effectively resource waste of your computer.

    No employee chatting, playing games and visiting some Website at sixes and sevens reduces greatly computer resource waste and so the whole computer of company run more smoothly and swimmingly. Such easy work environment makes everyone work with facility.

As an employer, if you are wondering what your employee are doing on the computer or internet? Playing games? Chatting with MSN, SKYPE, and ICQ? Or visiting some websites which are irrelevant to his works? Are you fearful that important confidential business information of your company give away to your competitor by your employee? Are you worried that you can’t find some related information files in your computer when you are on business? Please do not worry and keep your shirt on. LAN Employee Monitor can help you resolve these problems!

Look no further! Download LAN Employee Monitor software, the way things work themselves out!

LAN Employee Monitor is a smart and stealth remote employee monitor software used for managing and controlling employee’s activity popularly as employee surveillance. This employee surveillance captures clearly the screens of employee’s computer real time by matrix screen just like a surveillance camera. By these screens, you can know obviously anything of your employees including their chats, their instant messages and emails and what they are visiting in their computer at any time and any place. More surprised, LAN Employee Monitor can remote monitor multiple employee computers – up to one hundred at the same time through your computer screen. Whatever you are on business or in your desk chair, the employee monitor software remote control the employee’s computer and you can work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse. So if you need some files which can be found only in your employee’s computer, you can use LAN Employee Monitor’s remote control function to start the employee’s computer and find the goal files and then transfer to own computer. You can also send message or command to your employee to deal with something as this. Of course, you can restart or turn off the employee’s PC, terminate the program which is running in the employee’s computer etc. If you think it is necessary. With LAN Employee Monitor, you can rest easy; no physical need and anything are in your control!

LAN Employee Monitor can be used not only in middle or small companies but also in universities, libraries and schools’ computer room. This LAN monitor software helps the teachers and librarians manage the students’ unsuitable or wrongful acts and protect the students especially some underage students from sexual harassment defamation or illegal activity lawsuits

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