When choosing Perfect Diet Tracker, you are looking for something you will probably use every day for a while so its important to choose a product you can live with on a daily basis.

Version 1 of the Perfect Diet Tracker was designed to be very easy to use and won many awards. We listened to our customers and worked to make version 2 of the software even better with improved search functions and many small, but important functions to make living with the software, and the diet as easy as possible.

The Science

The Perfect Diet Tracker is based on scientific research and uses the Harris Benedict equation to calculate your basal metabolic rate or ‘BMR’.

When you first set up a user in the software it will ask you for certain information including your age, height, weight sex and current activity levels.

Using you basal metabolic rate. the software then calculates the number of calories you need to consume in order to maintain your current body weight.

You can then set weekly targets for weight loss (or gain) and the Perfect Diet Tracker will then suggest a daily calorie intake figure so you can achieve that target.

This type of diet is commonly known as a ‘calorie counting’ diet.

Most acknowledged diet products and exercise programs state they will only work as part of a calorie controlled diet as it is a proven method to lose weight however traditional calorie counting can be difficult.

The Perfect Diet Tracker is designed to make calorie counting easy!

The Daily Dairy

In the past calorie counting was fairly tedious, hence the popularity of so many ‘quick fix’ and ‘easy’ diets, however that was before diet tracking software was created!

The Perfect Diet Tracker uses a database of over 28,500 foods, a list that is growing daily, and should you find a product that is not in the current database it is quick and easy to add it. Hints & tips… If you want to track your diet while on holiday in a different country, simply change the country in your user profile to search foods from the country you are in.

The data entry system works worldwide, searching data specific to the country you select when creating your user to give you the most relevant results. Where products are not available, the search is expanded to the world database and the software provides an entry form relevant to your country to make adding new products quick and easy.

Install the Perfect Diet Tracker to a USB memory stick and you can take it with you to work, making it even easier to keep up to date with your calorie intake.


The Perfect Diet Tracker keeps track of your progress, your nutritional levels, calorific intake and more.

You can see how you are doing, and when you will reach your target weight.

You can also keep an eye on your sodium (salt) and sugars intake, traditionally difficult to monitor accurately due to the hidden values in processed foods. Using the Perfect Diet Trackers extensive database, tracking sodium and sugars is now easy.

By monitoring your nutritional levels, you can ensure you maintain a balanced diet to maintain good health.

A Perfect Diet for Life

The Perfect Diet Tracker is not a ‘rapid’ or miracle weight loss tool. It uses acknowledged scientific data to help you maintain a steady and maintainable weight loss.

The software will quickly show you which foods you should really be cutting back on and which you may want to eat more of, allowing you to find your Perfect Diet. It does not dictate the time of day or the products you eat. Simply be honest with the software when setting up your profile, then stay within the daily calorie allowance and you should lose weight.

Once you have been using the software for a few months you will probably discover your Perfect Diet and find you can cut back monitoring at that time to two key days per week, for example a Tuesday and a weekend day to make sure you stay on track and maintain your results tracking.

When you reach your target weight, the Perfect Diet Tracker can be adjusted so you can find your ‘maintain weight’ calories. By using the software to maintain your weight you can avoid the dreaded ‘yoyo’ diet effect, and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Multiple Users

The software allows multiple users to use the same database on your computer.

Each user has their own username and diary. Their details can be password protected so other users cannot view their daily diary or statistics.

Unlike other diet trackers, there is no additional charge for multiple users or to access the extended online food database.

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Software lets you manage your diet based on firm scientific foundations

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