Text Editor In D, Text Editor for the d programming language.

People on the “D Programming Language” News Group started looking at many editors to see which one was the most useful editor for D. We found SciTE! The “Package” grew to what it is today with lots of integrated utilities written by “D Lauguage ” community.


  • Customized Syntax highlighting
  • AutoComplete: D keywords, module names of Phobos, Tango, DWin…
  • Code folding for easy code viewing
  • Auto indentation while typing
  • Customized building : supported GNU make, Windows bat file and DSSS…
  • F1 Help: open Helpfile on the keyword were the cursor is located.
  • F7 or Ctrl+F7: building the project (if Makefile,build.bat or dss.conf exists)
  • Press F5: Run the Binary
  • Ctrl + F5: compile, link, and run the program srcfile
  • Alt + D: pops up a list of the declarations in the current file
  • Alt + M: pops up a list of modules
  • Press F12: search for a declaration with an identifier under the cursor

How to SciTE4D Text Editor    

Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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