windows 10 64bit video cropper INSTRUCTIONS:

How to Crop Video length on Windows 10 64bit Win8.1, Win 7 Vista XP 2000:

  1. Click Add Files to load Video

  2. Cropping movie

    • Drag Crop Line to Crop black bar
      You can Drag Crop Line in Original Preview Window to Crop the Viedo, e.g. drag left bar to Crop Left, drag top bar to Crop Top.
    • Or Enter Crop Value on left to adjust it
      There are four crop values on the left part of the crop window: Crop Top, Crop Bottom, Crop Left and Crop Right. You can set each value to crop your video and the crop frame will Videoe accordingly.
  3. Output Format

    1. Try keep Keep Original Video Format first
    2. Click the Output Format box to select a different format if Keep Original Video Format does not working
  4. Click Oput Settings button to set the output Video Quality, Video Size, Audio Quality etc (Optional)

  5. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start video file Cropping

  6. Click Open Output on the bottom middle to find the cropped movie file

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By using Windows 10 64bit Win8.1 media file Cropper you can simply edit your video files by zooming it as far as your resolution will let you and use edited and more informative video file for yourself on your website, blog or just play it on your computer….
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