Burn Zune Video files to DVD Windows10

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Burn Zune Video files to DVD Windows10

How to Crate family DVD disc from Zune Videos Windows 10:

Insert blank DVD disc to Recordable DVD drive, then:

  1. Add Files to add Zune videos If you want to Create DVD from Windows Movie Maker(WMM), the steps are:

    • Save Windows Movie Maker as WMV A Windows Movie Maker file( .wlmp) is not video file actually. It is a project file of Windows Movie Maker (some sort of a text file, there are not any video). You have to open this file in WMM and save the movie to your computer:
    • Run Windows Movie Maker, Go Home tab,Save Movie, Recommended for this project. After that you will have a mp4 or WMV file which can be converted to DVD
  2. Edit Zune DVD menu settings (optional)

  3. Select DVD Disc Type

  4. Select Output Type, here we select DVD writer

  5. Click Start button

How to Create DVD ISO image file for Zune videos:

  1. Add Files to add Zune files
  2. Edit Zune DVD menu settings (optional)
  3. Select DVD Disc Type
  4. Select Output Type, here we select Save as image (*.iso)
  5. Click Start button
  6. Open Output

Best Zune to DVD maker for Microsoft Windows:

  • Create DVD Movies from Zune files The DVD Movie Creator can burn DVD movie and create dvd movie from Zune, MPEG, DAT, MPG, WMV, ASF, MP4, and VOB
  • Create DVD folder and ISO Files from Zune videos
  • DVD menu creator from Zune video

Supported Video Formats

  • Input: MPEG(mpg, mpeg, dat, vob); WMV; ASF; Zune; MPEG4(mp4);3GP; DV Video Files(dv,dif)

With smart DVD Zune menu creating functions, DVD Creator helps you create stylish menu with menu template, and background music, picture, menu topic of your choice to make personalized DVD movies from Zune files

Zune DVD Creator allows you to specify NTSC or PAL, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect and burn DVD movie disc, DVD folder or ISO files

  • Windows Zune DVD movie maker compatible with Windows10, Win 7

Windows Zune DVD menu Creator software which can easily create DVD movie from Zune movie and create DVD from MPEG, Zune is the product-line brand name for the Zune portable media players, Zune software, and Zune Marketplace services sold by Microsoft, which provide online music, video, and podcast downloads. Zune's primary competitors are the Apple iTunes/iPod product line and the SanDisk Sansa line. Zune players come in two variants, one hard-drive based and the other flash-memory based. Both play music, videos, and podcasts, display images, and receive (but not record) FM radio with RDS. They can share files wirelessly with other Zunes and via USB with Xbox 360s and Windows PCs. Any Zune can also be synced wirelessly with a Windows PC

Zune Video Burn to DVD Disc