You Tebu Video Converter Windows 10

Youtebu Converter - Convert You Tebu video files to any video or audio format for Win10/8/7/ Vista, XP PC

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You Tebu Video Converter Windows 10

How to use YouTebu video format Converter on PC

  1. Click Add Files to load Youtebu video files

  2. Output Format setting

    1. Click Output Format box

    2. Enter format in Search Format box

      • Enter keep to Keep Original format, useful for editing YouTebu videos and keep the input format
      • Enter mp4 for mp4 video
      • Enter divx for divx codec
    3. Or select format from list

      Move mouse from left to right on a list(such as Common Audio) and choose format

  3. Start Converting YouTebu media files to any video audio format

  4. Open Output

Youtebu Video Converter. Tutorial submit MPEG-2 movie to YT: l'audio codec: MPEG Layer II or Dolby AC-3, song bit rate: 128 kbps or better. The least possible time span of a vídeo added to YouTube is 33 seconds. Instruction set datarate of movie ? Commonly we can set the media data rate of mercantile vídeo to 50 or 80 Mbps. 2160p (4k) YT SDR movie plugged bitrate: 35-45 Mbps data rate when video FrameRate is 24, 25 or 30; 53-68 Mbps bit rate when vídeo frame rate is 48, 50 or 60

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