YouTube to .Amv Converter Windows 10

Easiest Software to Convert YouTube Video to AMV file format on Windows PC

Download Now (Ver 3.8.0) Easy AMV YouTube Converter in Win Computer

In this tutorial, we will use Easiest Video Converter 3.8.0 to convert videos downloaded from YouTube to the .amv extension format. Click on the download link above to download Easiest Video Converter 3.8.0

How to Convert YouTube video to AMV using Easiest Video Converter

YouTube to .Amv Converter Windows 10

  1. Load YouTube videos into Easiest Video Converter

    You can drag and drop downloaded YouTube Videos to the Converter, or click Add Files to load YouTube videos

  2. Set Output Format as AMV Video

    Click Output Format box, then Common Video >, AMV Video (*.amv)

    Set Output Format to AMV video

  3. Output Settings

    Hit Output Settings button, Set Video Size (Resolution), Aspect Rate, Bitrate and Frame Rate to Keep Original

    Output Settings for AMV video in Easiest Video Converter for Windows

  4. Start YouTube video to AMV format Conversion

  5. Open Output to find the result AMV video

What is AMV video format

AMV format can be in .amv or .mtv file extension, they are usually produced for MP3/MP4/MTV players that allow video playback. The big problem with those players is that they can just play AMV/MTV files. So, how do you convert video files into .amv extension that are compatible with your mp3 mp4 player?

Easiest YouTube AMV Converter can also convert AMV back to other formats formats. No matter, what the screen size of you player is and what resolution of the player can support, Easiest AMV YouTube Converter can accurately make every of your favorite video put onto your player without problem

Please note that versions of Easiest Video Converter higher than 3.8.0 may not support converting videos to AMV format, make sure you have downloaded the correct version

YouTube Converter Amv

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