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Movie Maker Converter to Asf

How to Windows Movie Maker export ASF on Windows 10 Win8:

  1. Save Windows Movie Maker as WMV A Windows Movie Maker file( .wlmp) is not video file actually. It is a project file of Windows Movie Maker (some sort of a text file, there are not any video). You have to open this file in WMM and save the movie to your computer: Run Windows Movie Maker, Go Home tab,Save Movie, Recommended for this project. After that you will have a mp4 or WMV file which can be converted to any popular video audio formats

  2. Free Download software from , install it, run it, then:

  3. Convert WMV to ASF file

    1. Click Add Files to load WMV Video files for WMM to ASF conversion
    2. Click Output Format pull down list to Select output video format
    3. Click Output Settings button to set the Output video audio quality, output video size etc
    4. Click Start Button at the bottom
    5. Click Open Output to find the converted files

Fastest WMM Converter para ASF for microsoft Windows:

  1. Support common video and audio formats: Export Windows Movie Maker to MP4 Export Windows Movie Maker to avi Export Windows Movie Maker to WMV Export Windows Movie Maker to 3GP Export Windows Movie Maker to 3G2 Export Windows Movie Maker to MOV Export Windows Movie Maker to MPEG-1 Export Windows Movie Maker to MPEG-2 Export Windows Movie Maker to MP3 Export Windows Movie Maker to M4A Export Windows Movie Maker to WAV .

  2. Support most popular players: Export wmm to iPod, export wmm to iPhone, export wmm to Zune, export wmm to PSP, export wmm to BlackBerry, export wmm to Mobile Phones, export wmm to MP4,/MP3 Player, etc

  3. Versatile Video Editing:

Windows Movie Maker formats supported:

Windows Media Video or WMV is a file format developed by Microsoft to store video content in a compressed format so that movies and other video programs can be viewed on a personal computer

WMV files can be played by players such as MPlayer or Windows Media Player, the latter being only available for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh systems.. Windows Movie Maker accepted video formats: RAW avi, mpeg-1, wmv video formats

Save Windows Movie Maker as ASF software is a versatile yet easy to handle video converter. Almost all popular video files, such as Windows Movie Maker(wmv), avi, MP4, WMV, 3GP, MOV, VOB, MPG, ASF, RM, RMVB, FLV (Flash), etc can be converted to desired formats so that you can easily put your favorite movies on iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Mobile Phone, etc. Besides, it lets you convert any videos to MP3, WAV, M4A audio formats

Best WMM ASF Converter compatible with Win 10, 8, Win Vista

Output Wmm to .asf Format. ASF vedio flow can be in all compressed or unturned format. However, Microsoft Windows Media sound and vedio 9 series codec can acquire superlative compression. How do i fetch the ASF vídeo specification: !. The most widespread file extensions for ASF videos are.WMA and.WMV extensions. These fichiers are equivalent to old .ASF file ending videos. If ASF vedio container specification only holds sound, it is typically stored as a Windows Media song (.WMA) datei

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