How to Convert Video in Full Screen on PC

How to .mp4 Full Screen Video Converter

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How to convert video in full screen on PC

How to make full screen MP4 video on Windows PC

I have a video with a resolution of 800 x 532 and an aspect ratio of 1.5 instead of 1.78 (16:9). There are two ways to change its aspect ratio to 1.78(16:9):

  1. 532 x 1.78 = video width 947, increase the video width to 947 pixels
  2. 800 divided by 1.78 = video height 450, crop the video height to 450 pixels

We can crop the video height to 450 pixels

Video height 532 - 450 = 82, we will crop 82 pixels of video height

The new video resolution will be 800 x 450

  1. Add Files

  2. Select Output Format

    1. Hit Output Format box

    2. Search keep in Search Format box

    3. Choose Keep Original Video Format from the list

      Output Video Format to Keep original video format in Easiest Video Converter for Win10

  3. Click the Crop button in toolbar

    • Crop 82 pixels from bottom of video height

    • OK

      Crop MP4 file resolution to 16:9 full screen video with Easies Video Converter for Win10

  4. Start

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