How to Dv to Mov Converter PC Win 10

How Do I Movie Conversion from .dv to .mov -

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How to Dv to Mov Converter PC Win 10

  1. Click Add Files to load DV Video files for Windows MOV video conversion

  2. Click Output Format pull down list to Select output video format
    Here, we select MOV Video from Common Video list

  3. Click Output Settings button to set the Output video audio quality, output video size etc

  4. Click Start Button at the bottom of the Window to start conversion

  5. Click Open Output button to find the converted DV video files

Instruction Turn .dv to .mov With Windows. DV specification likewise supports 16-bit song at 44.1 kHz, which is unchanged sample rate as CD sound. DV vídeo uses lossy packing of video, while song is preserved unturned. Most Windows film application merely opens DV videos encoded as AVI containers

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