YouTube DivX Converter Windows 10

Easiest program to convert videos downloaded from YouTube to DivX codec format on Windows PC

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How to Convert YouTube to DivX using Easiest Video Converter

YouTube DivX Converter Windows 10

You may have downloaded some videos from YouTube and want to convert them to DivX codec videos, this is a simple tutorial to mak your job easy

  1. Import YouTube videos to Easiest YouTube DivX Converter

    There are two way to import videos to the converter:

    • Drag and drop videos to the Converter
    • Click Add Files and navigate to the folder that containing the YouTube videos
  2. Set Output Format to DivX

    Set Output Format to DivX in Easiest YouTube DivX Converter on Windows Computer

    Clicking on the Output Format box will bring up a list and select DivX Video (*.AVI) from the Common Video >

  3. Click the Open Output button to locate the output DivX file

Why Convert YouTube to DivX

DivX is a video codec, it has become popular due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments (like YouTube videos) into small file sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality

YouTube Converter DivX

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