Eye Strain Software Usage

Just 3 steps, one minute to start to use Software. After installation:

  1. Set the break minutes that after the period of work, there will be a period to rest
  2. Set the work timing that the period of work before it reach a rest period
  3. Click on the “Save Settings” button, then Click to hide Window to tray icon. Done!

  4. Select a music folder to Play music when break

  5. If you want to run Eye Care when Windows starts

    To avoid having to start gram manually, it is recommended that you set the Auto Run when Windows starts option to start gram each time Windows starts.

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Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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Software to reduction of computer vision syndrome and eye strain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes

Eyestrain occurs when your eyes get tired from reading or working at the computer….
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