Unregistered user limitations:

  • Trial period is up to 10 days.

Feel free to contact us about any issues, any suggestions at: support@software-download.name

How to Buy Eye Care Software

You can purchase a license at RegNow online store. Go
and follow the instruction. It’s easy!

When the payment is done, you will receive a e-mail from RegNow that includes a Regcode. Since you already have a software itself, that’s all you need for continuing to use Eye Care Software.

You will receive a confirmation of the payment and a registration pass code via e-mail. Generally, It takes less than 12 hours to receive it. If you do not receive a reply in 12 hours, please contact me. ( support@software-download.name )

  1. Run Eye Care Software! and click “Registration” on the startup dialog.

  2. Fill out the information: Regcode

  3. Click “OK” button.

eye care software registration ok

eye care software registration failed

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Software to reduction of computer vision syndrome and eye strain by locking your computer and forcing you to take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes

Eyestrain occurs when your eyes get tired from reading or working at the computer….
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