Software to Compress Photos Size, Powerful Software for compress and store images and share them with your friends and family!

Now there’s a way to take control of your life, and your hard drive space, while being able to quickly and easily compress and store images and share them with your friends and family!

Love2Photo Program features:

  • Supports all popular input picture types (JPEG, JPEG-, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. – in all about 40 formats).
  • Uses JPEG- algorithm to compress pictures (currently the BEST method on the planet!).
  • Gives you the power to choose optimal size for the archive before it is created.
  • Optimizes albums for fast reviewing over the Web with Adobe™ Linearized technology.
  • Provides the ability to shrink picture sizes with superior output quality. Use it to achieve additional compression ratios (1:100+).
  • Provides the ability to create slideshows with a full set of show effects from PDF 1.5.
  • Uses 128-bit AES encryption to protect photo albums from unauthorized grabbing, prying eyes, and hacks.
  • Gives the ability to protect archives incrementally, i.e. by setting permission on different actions.
  • Gives the ability to add descriptions to photo collections making them searchable.
  • Customizes formats of photo labels and bookmarks.
  • Can merge any number of existing Love2Photo’s albums.
  • Can work with multi-page pictures (for example TIFF or GIF).
  • Can adjust photo contrast automatically.
  • Provides the ability to create albums without compressing photos (very fast).
  • Can sort pictures by name, date, location or by using custom order. Ready for Windows Vista™
  • Provides the ability to create personal album for each single picture.
  • Has built-in file browser for quick picture selection.
  • Can rotate pictures loselessly before storing them into album.
  • Can open resulting album automatically after it is created.
  • Can create albums from selected subsets of added pictures.
  • Requires no additional viewer to review and print albums.
  • Saves and loads album settings with projects.
  • Supports drag & drop (pictures and projects from Windows Explorer or other source)

How Love2Photo software Works:

It takes your photos and packs them into highly-compressed and browsable albums that can be viewed on any computer without installing any specific software including Love2Photo itself. Albums are easy to review, store, print, send and publish. Have easy-to-email form (1 mouse click is all takes). Optimized for fast reviewing over the Web, you can protect album with password, extract photo, add slideshow, organize photo by date and name, add descriptions, and more!

When You Use Love2Photo software You Will:

  • Avoid the pain and effort of emailing huge photo files
    that often end up exceeding an ISP’s file size limits. Stop suffering the disappointment of not being able to share your best photos with others because of limited message size.

  • Start enjoying working with photos more easily by downloading this software.
    Simply click your mouse and it will automatically select the best compression routine to fit any email size restrictions.

  • Save from 20 to 90% of your time sending, copying, backing-up and moving photos
    Thanks to Love2Photo: Love2Photo’s compression capabilities. And your friends and family will save time downloading your albums or viewing them online.

  • Save money on storage media and Internet traffic.

  • compact photo album is not only several times faster to transmit; it also takes up much less space. Sure, these days everyone has 400GB hard drives and cheap or even free Internet access at home or work but what if you are a traveler and tend to send great pictures from the airport or hotel using a notebook with a limited hard drive?

  • Treat yourself and the important people in your life to a rich slideshow with just one mouse click.
    Choose from 12 different attractive slideshow effects which can be randomly applied to give each photo its own special charm.

  • Additionally save time boosting your PC’s performance.
    It’s a fact that the more files you have in the system the slower your computer runs. With thousands of files you need to run frequent disk checks and defragmentation routines just to keep the system alive. With Love2Photo you’ll be able to compress thousands of image files into compact one-file albums. Your PC will thank you!

  • Protect your pictures from prying eyes, hacks, unwanted modifications, Trojan horses and keyloggers using Love2Photo’s strong 128-bit encryption.

Why not surprise the people you love by giving them this software as a gift? You can also give it as a way to motivate friends to send you hot photos whenever they have any. Just select the Gift option when ordering Love2Photo and it will be packaged as a gift.

Feel the love from your family and friends when they receive these fast-loading albums that they can view and print directly from the Web or local media with just 1 mouse click on any computer. Let people focus on the beauty of your photos and not the technology of opening them.

And if you decide to publish your amazing photo album on the Web, your friends will be able to instantly view each photo while it is being loaded without waiting until the whole album is downloaded.

Album Supported Format:

Your photo albums are converted to PDF format which is 100% compatible with FREE Adobe and Foxit Reader programs. You can view this album on nearly any computer without installing additional software. Forget about the hassle of selecting and buying specific picture viewer\printer software. Acrobat Reader is completely free and is already on your computer. It is packed with optional features that let you review and print pictures quickly and easily. In addition, it uses Adobe Linearized technology to make each album extremely quick to access on the Web.

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LOVE2PHOTO screenshot guarantees that LOVE2PHOTO is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.Ranking: 10