how to select files

In this step, please select some files you want to process (eg resize or compress).

  • Click “Add File” to add a single file to the file list.
  • Click “Add Folder” to add a folder (and it’s subfolder) to file list(all supported format in this folder).
  • Click “Remove one” to remove item which current selected.
  • Click “Remove all” to remove all items in this list.

how to compress picture

First of all, if you do not want to compress any picture(you just want resize pictures), you can just click “Next” to skip this step.

“Compress level” mean compress picture file by jpeg compress level, from 0 – 100, level 0 mean smallest file size and poorest quality,100 mean largest file size and best quality.

“Make picture file size less then xx KB” , you can input a certain value here ,for example 1000kb, picture reduce wizard will select best match compress level for you(this option will slowdown compress speed)

AutoWin Photo Resizer: how to set output option

  • Click “Browse” to select a output folder.
  • Click “default” to set output folder default.
  • Click “View” to open current output folder. if you want picture reduce wizard open output folder after done,please check “Open output folder after process complete”.
  • Click “Finish” to finish this wizard and lets picture reduce wizard to start.

AutoWin Photo Resizer: how to resize picture

First of all, if you do not want to resize any picture, you can just click “Next” to skip this step.

You can resize picture by percent or by value.

“Resize to percent” mean resize pictures by percent of original picture.for example, if original picture width = 100, height = 100, then resize picture to percent 50% mean set picture width = 50 and height = 50.

“Resize to value” mean resize picture to certain width and height.

if you check “keep width height ratio”, the resized picture will all less then the width and height you input, but closet.

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