• How can I purchase a Command Line Ftp Upload?

    You can order securely on-line using a credit card, with immediate access to download a licensed copy, by following link: Buy Now.

  • I prefer not to order on-line. How else can I pay?

    When ordering via the RegNow online store, you can choose to fax your credit card details by selecting the Fax Order Payment Method.

  • How can I pay without using a credit card?

    RegNow can accept checks or money orders. Use the RegNow online store from the Buy Now buttons on

  • I've completed the on-line purchase of a Command Line Ftp Upload, but I'm still getting Notice messages.

    When ordering a licensed copy on-line, You will receive a confirmation of the payment. After downloading licensed copy, double-click on the newly downloaded file to install the Command Line Ftp Uploader.

  • I need to re-install the Command Line Ftp Upload, but I've lost my license copy.

    Please Email to , The subject must be just the name of the Command Line Ftp Upload.

  • I have a question on the status of my order

    If you ordered on-line, you need to contact RegNow customer support for the on-line store you purchased through. The links below lead to the Customer Support web sites, on which you will also find email and phone contact details.

    Be sure to use the on-line store that you originally purchased from, as they are independent.

Buy Now !!!

Download It ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP )

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