Best Language Learning Program, software to learn Chinese (Mandarin or Zhong guo hua).

It’s a simple, efficient,and comprehensive tool and designed for the beginners and senior learners to learn Chinese(Mandarin).If you choose a right accessorial instrument you will find that it is not so difficult as you image to learn Chinese. Gchinese, as a good accessorial instrument to learn Chinese.

Learn Chinese(Entire V2.0) Features:

  1. You will learn the pronunciation of 21 shengmu and 26 yunmu.
    When you master all these basic letters, you can learn the 1210 Chinese pinyin, which include the pronunciation of 5208 common –used characters. As for the pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin , our product will supply two ways for you: one is to teach you the process of pronunciation, that is first to read ShengMu, then to read Yunmu and last the pronunciation of this Pinyin, which is mastered by all the Chinese pupils in their first grade. Another one is to play the pronunciation of Pinyin directly. It is very useful to learn the process of pronunciation when you use Chinese in future such as reading Chinese paper and inputting Chinese characters with Pinyin.

  2. There is a listening system to test your aural comprehension of each Chinese Pinyin
    which can help you to master all the Chinese Pinyin’s pronunciation well in this product.

  3. You will learn 37 basic strokes and 169 Chinese character components in this part.
    The product chooses 169 Chinese character components as the basic components from 5200 Chinese center words. If you can master all the 169 basic components, it means you master the writing way of 95% Chinese characters in all the Chinese words.

  4. You can look up the writing way, pronunciation and common-used phrases’ translation of 5200 Chinese characters in this version.
    There is a special keyboard for you to input Chinese characters in this product. You can use the mouse to input character directly. The process of inputting characters with mouse is also the process of learning the writing way of Chinese.If you meet some unknown words when you read Chinese papers and books, you can apply this instrument to input the unknown words to get the Chinese meaning and pronunciation at the same time. Before the applying of this instrument, you need to master the Chinese strokes and 169 components.

  5. There are 19 units in this version, which includes 50 dialogue scenes
    such as calling, shopping, repast, asking the way taking the airplane and some other situations.

  6. There are 5,5000 words and phrases in this product’s Chinese-English dictionary.
    You can input both Chinese and English to look up new words. It also supplies you with a keyboard to input Chinese characters.

  7. In appendix, you can learn some proper nouns
    such as appellation words, business words, vegetable words and color words and so on. At the same time, you can learn 2700 common-used sentences.

Note: there are not pronunciation about the words and sentences in the appendix.

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